The Story of the Centre for Reform

The Centre for Reform is a public policy think tank pursuing the values of the Liberal Democrats, but open to all those who wish to get in touch and debate social, economic and political reform. The Centre for Reform provides opportunities for people and organisations to come together and consider key issues; an alternative entry-point into the political process through ideas and debate; an opportunity to shape the future of politics through new thinking.

The Centre for Reform works to develop connections with policy makers and academic and other researchers sympathetic to the Liberal Democrats, commission working groups to investigate policy areas and publish reports of their findings, organize seminars based around the Centre for Reform's publishing programme, and organize larger conferences either under the auspices of the Centre for Reform or in conjunction with other similar bodies.
The Liberal Democrats have been at the centre of new thinking over the last decade. Born in 1988, the Party brought together the radical and liberal thinking of the old Liberal Party and the social democratic beliefs of the Social Democratic Party. This fusion led to a ferment of new thinking on issues of constitutional reform and democratic renewal, environmental sustainability, economic performance, social progress, community empowerment and international and European co-operation.

The challenges of our time demand new ideas from radicals and reformers. Poverty, inequality, insecurity and lack of opportunity continue to blight individual lives and whole communities, at home and abroad. Exclusion and alienation expose the limits of established forms of democratic government. The pace of technological change, the globalization of communications and economics and threats to our global environment and shared security pose new challenges for collective action and international co-operation. To all these issues, and others, such as immigration and the legalization of drugs, progressives must bring imagination, fresh thinking and new ideas if we are to harness change for the benefit of all. We stand for exactly this.

Several years on from the formation of the Liberal Democrats, the Centre for Reform provides a powerful source of the new ideas that will be required in the century ahead. Firmly in the centre of Britain’s strong tradition of progressive, reforming, liberal democratic thought; underpinned by the independence that allows free thinking to flourish; the Centre will be out in front in the articulation of new approaches and new solutions to the many problems of our age.

The Centre for Reform produces a range of special reports over the course of each year.  These are distributed to all subscribers or can be bought directly from CfR. If you have an idea for a publication, please contact us to submit your ideas. 

These pages are intended to give the history of Aldershot from it's early days as an agricultural village, right up to the modern day. Aldershot has always had strong ties with the British Army, and this is something that is covered within these pages. During the last World War, Aldershot's population was almost doubled by a huge influx of Canadian soldiers. Extracts from a recent book called "Aldershot's Canadians" have been reproduced here.

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